What’s the difference between PonicPods warehouses and standard warehouses?

  • The technology behind the building materials and all the components in PonicPods is the difference.
  • Standard warehouse spaces are usually unable to be transported elsewhere once they are setup. PonicPods can easily be set up and torn down and moved if needed. PonicPods offers complete flexibility of the configuration of your unit.
  • Our warehouse conversion kits are mold, mildew and toxin free
  • Complete control of the micro climate with significantly reduced energy operating costs.


What are the most common problems that PonicPods solves?

PonicPods solves every problem a grower encounters. Growers already know how to grow, we are offering an environment to grow in that is like no other.


  • Simulate the ideal growing atmosphere controlling light, temperature, humidity, CO2, nutrient and PH needed at different stages of growth
  • Increase R-Values through superior insulation system greatly reducing operating costs
  • Grow in ANY climate and reap benefits of “local” food production


  • Insects – cutting costs by eliminating chemicals and pesticides
  • Theft and Tampering – solid structure to protect your crops
  • Need to replace, repair, and maintain – reducing the “cost” of production and increasing profits


What does PonicPods offer over current growing mediums?

Hoop Tents and Greenhouses:

  • Requires plastic replacement, upkeep, and maintenance
  • Little control over micro climate
  • Expensive for heating, cooling, and lighting – wasted energy

Grow Boxes:

  • Difficult to clean – hygiene lacking
  • Requires replacement, upkeep, and maintenance of materials
  • Difficult to control Micro-Climate


  • Maintains Control of Micro-Climate
  • Does not require replacement, upkeep, and maintenance of materials
  • Completely insulated with high R-value
  • Permanent structures that can be dissembled and moved and reassembled
  • Cost efficient for heating, cooling due to the insulation technology
  • Can be a free standing exterior building or a conversion kit that is assembled into existing warehouse walls


Can PonicPods serve as hygienic testing labs?

Yes, absolutely! That is the beauty behind the design of PonicPods. It creates an extremely stable and sterile environment to allow a hygienic testing lab.


How does PonicPods improve your growing process?

PonicPods offer an innovative way to grow hydro in the 21st century mainly because of the revolutionary materials we use in the construction and design of them. The concept is solid and it works. The engineering is exceptional and the longevity and quality of our manufacturer is unsurpassed.

Composed of SIP’s (structurally insulated panel) made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) and light gauge steel, providing excellent R-value and structural strength.


What other ways can I use PonicPods?

There are several different ways to use your PonicPods, giving you complete flexibility in the growing process.

  • FEMA Emergency Housing
  • Portable HAZMAT Testing Lab
  • Hygienic Testing Labs
  • Stem Cell and Cancer Research Labs
  • Orchid Grow Pod
  • Aeroponics and Aquaponics Grow Pods