Grow Hydro with PonicPods!

mushroom_system_growing_ponic_podsFinally, a state-of-the-art, permanent or portable, CGE (Controlled Growing Environment) for hydroponic agriculture. PonicPods are uniquely designed using SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels) They are toxin free and allow you to grow hydroponic crops without having to worry about insects or contamination from bacteria, mold or mildew. Our enclosures are secure and fire proof. Tight seals and properly designed ventilation openings allow you to grow crops by creating micro-climates rich in CO2 and O2.

SIP’s not only offer excellent insulation but they are capable of withstanding high winds and heavy snow cover. PonicPods are cost effective because, due to their design, you will always have healthier and more abundant crops. PonicPods are available with solar battery backup systems and solar hydroponics systems and can be delivered to your location ready for any desired harvest.
PonicPods are available as exterior stand alone buildings, stackable or non-stackable
or as warehouse conversion kits that are an easy and economical way to convert an existing warehouse or building into a clean, sanitary grow environment.


All PonicPod Units, whether standard or custom size, include the features listed below. Additional costs may be incurred if further customization and assembly is required. Please contact us for the full specs or if you have any questions!

PonicPods Features
  • EPS foam and light gauge steel panels with hardware
  • Man door
  • 60 amp electrical panel
  • Electrical outlets 4′ on center top and bottom, along long walls
  • 3/4″ water connection stub with valve stop
  • 2″ floor drain
  • Uni-strut
  • Ventilation cutouts
Additional Options
  • Electrical Panel upgrade
  • Rainwater Collection Tanks
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Spiral Foundation System
  • Passive Wall System
  • Axle Chassis
  • 8×10 roll up door
  • Lighting
  • Hydroponic Equipment
  • Solar

NEW! Green Roof System Option available

green_roofingThe Green Roof System focuses on storm water management and creating a sustainable green roof. Our associates will work closely with you based on your requirements starting from the design stage, on a new construction or reroofing project.

The Green Innovations series of green roof water retention panels have been developed as an intricate component in green roof design and installation. The panel design allows for a uninterrupted continuous layer of soil right to the edge detail. The vegetation can be installed as vegetative mats, or plant plugs or hydro-seeded.

Water is a critical and important concern for the vegetation and drainage of the roof. Our components satisfy both issues with superior storm water management handling channels and reservoir areas moulded into the panels, retaining as much as 98% of the water. The stored water is fairly evenly distributed over the surface allowing water to be in close proximity to your entire vegetative system.



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