Keep Toxic Pesticides out of Our Environment and Our Bodies!

The U.S. and the European Union are right now negotiating a free-trade agreement with the potential to impact the health and environment of hundreds of millions of people. Of particular concern is the risk that this new trade partnership will lower protections from toxic pesticides. New analysis exposes how the pesticide industry is lobbying negotiators to lower standards on both sides of the Atlantic. If adopted, industry’s proposal would reverse the EU’s ban on the use of carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals as pesticides, increase the amount of pesticide allowed on food sold to consumers, and interfere with efforts to protect bees and other pollinators to safeguard food supplies for future generations.

The public has a right to know where U.S. and EU negotiators stand on issues pertaining to pesticides, climate change, toxic chemicals, and other urgent health and environmental issues before they are presented to lawmakers. Join the Center for International Environmental Law in urging the United States trade representative and the European Union trade commissioner to practice transparency in their discussions and protect individuals and communities from toxic pesticides and chemicals.

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